Acute and Chronic Pain?  Fibromyalgia and Autoimmune issues?  Digestive issues?  
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My goal is to get you back to doing what you love.  To this end, I utilize Clinical Massage Therapy, Manual Therapy, Nutritional Therapy and Amino Neurofrequency Therapy.  

All treatments are all unique because you are unique.  No two people have the same life-style, stressors, habits, etc -and all of these effect our wellbeing. 

I use treatments unique to you because you are unique. Please feel free to check out some of the different therapies highlighted on the site. 

I have been in practice and studying physical health for over 23 years.  In addition to my private practice in East Providence, RI, I am also a Department Head at the Bancroft School of Massage Therapy, a continuing education instructor for Amino NeuroFrequency Therapy and have developed and teach a variety of continuing education courses for massage therapists. 

I am a Certified Massage Therapist, ANF Holistic Pain Therapist, Certified Health Coach and NCBTMB Provider.

Back Massage




Amino Neurofrequency Therapy (ANF) is a drug and chemical free treatment to reduce pain and inflammation while normalizing acute and chronic conditions. 

Inflammation is a normal immune response of the body.  It becomes problematic when we have chronic levels of inflammation. Much of this is invisible and detected only by assessment from a trained practitioner.  Inflammation is at the root of most dysfunction - acute or chronic pain, autoimmune issues, muscle or joint issues. 

ANF therapy consists of small, wearable, flexible discs that contain specific frequencies. We currently work with over 280 different discs to ensure optimal results. A thorough assessment is performed to determine which of those are needed to help return you to optimal health and healing.

Much like ultrasound or laser are frequency therapies, ANF uses frequencies to normalize conditions.  Everything in the body consists of a specific frequency.  This is what tests like EEG and EKG are measuring-frequency.

Have you ever seen an MRI of the brain? All those waves represent the frequency of the brain. Everything has a frequency. 

After thorough assessment, we determine which systems of the body are not working optimally, apply the ANF discs, which are activated by your body heat.  These frequencies are picked up by the neurons and transmitted to the nervous system which then aids in correction of weakened or damaged signals. 

You will notice a change before you leave the office. Pretty neat, eh? No more paying for therapies that don't offer results!

Clinical Massage




Neurokinetic Therapy ( NKT) is a highly specialized muscle testing approach to determine which muscles we are compensating with - which we are overusing and which we are underusing.  

Often people want you to work where it hurts.  I understand that! It hurts and it feels better to have it worked on.


 However, it is important to realize, where we feel pain is not always the problem. 

if you want lasting results, we must find out why a muscle is problematic.  After all, a muscle won't tighten up for no reason.  It generally tightens because it is overworking for some other muscle that is not doing its fair share.  

With NKT, we aim to optimize muscle function so you have pain free, full range and ease of motion. 


Clinical massage is quite different from spa type treatments .

This therapy focuses in on specific muscles or soft tissue that may not be operating optimally and thus creating pain and dysfunction. Our goal is to find and correct compensation patterns to help you move better and feel better. 

Muscles are designed to slide and glide over one another to allow us to move and perform activities.  When this motion becomes inhibited, we feel pain, discomfort or limited range of motion. 

Clinical Massage focuses on specific muscles and groups of muscles to optimize function and help you feel your very best. 

Of course, sometimes we just need to relax. In  these times, a Swedish Relaxation Massage is just the thing!  We can do that too. 

Are you dealing with pain or inflammation?

Do you want to lose or gain weight?

Let's talk about nutrition. No, not measuring food, not having this or that, instead  let's talk about Primary and Secondary Food.


Primary Food - Things that feed you:

 relationships, work, family, joy, etc 


Secondary Food- the food you eat. 


Together we formulate a plan that nourishes both primary and secondary foods. Our plans are designed to help you reach your goal.  That may be to change your weight, to feel better, to play with your kids, to have more energy, any number of things!

All of the things that nourish us in life, play a role in our overall health and wellbeing.  And they are as unique as you.  Let's work together to find what works best for you.  

This is not about what you "can't do" ( don't eat this, don't do that) but rather about what you CAN eat and CAN do.  

Let's work together to find your power. 


Professional Development Workshops

Classes consistently added. Check back often or contact me if you would like to host a course.


Time to add to your toolbox?  Check out the courses offered!


Couples Massage Class

TMJ Issues can be the culprit fora varie

Nutritional and Health Consults



This interactive, hands on course will delve into adhesions, a variety of scar types, their characteristics and formation, wound healing and effective treatment strategies.


  Class size limited to allow optimal learning and hands on time. Work with actual test patients so your feel confident applying techniques upon return to your office.

Earn 7 CEU's


Did you know that jaw pain is one of the most under treated areas of the body?

Do your clients complain of jaw pain?

Locking of the jaw?

Eye pain?

Neck pain? 

Facial pain?

Do you feel confident in your knowledge of the anatomy of the TMJ and how to effectively treat this area?  Join us and widen your understanding of this complex and most used joint.


Learn effective treatment strategies.

Earn 7 CEU's


Are you frustrated by not getting the lasting results you and your patients would like?  

Join us to learn ANF therapy!  Get to the root cause of pain and inflammation while normalizing acute and chronic conditions. 

This course will cover theory, methodology and use of the ANF discs.  We will delve into the nervous system, lymphatic, gut and more.  

I can honestly say that after more than 20 years in practice, nothing has improved the results I get like this therapy.  Change your health and that of your clients. Register today.

Screen Shot 2020-08-19 at 11.44.24

Couples, Friends, Family

Learn how to give a great, relaxing massage - without exhausting or hurting yourself!

Step away from the high tech world and support your partner.

Learn :

  • Stress Relieving Massage

  • Reduce Tension

  • Relax Tight Muscles

Choose your class:

  • Shoulder, Head, Neck Treatments

  • Hand and Foot Massage

  • Massage for Headaches

  • De-Stress Sessions

Classes limited to 3 couples

$50 per couple

non - refundable

Assessment 101:

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Anatomy Drawing

Saturday, June, 20, 2020

10:00am - 6:00pm

Knowing how to conduct a proper assessment will help both you and your client achieve the desired results rather than simply treating symptoms.   

Understanding why the body is compensating and creating pain and dysfunction will allow you to create a far more effective treatment plan. 

Medical history, visual assessment, posture, movement and specialized muscle testing will be covered. 



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