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Fibromyalgia is a chronic disorder characterized by widespread pain in the body. It can involve muscles, bones, ligaments and other soft tissues. Fibromyalgia is often accompanied by general fatigue, sleep issues, memory and mood issues. There is no clear diagnosis for fibromyalgia nor clear tests which leads to it often being misdiagnosed, mistreated or not treated at all. Many deal with it for years, undergoing countless tests and exams, trying “every treatment under the sun” with little or no results. In the recent past, many would often be told it was “ all in their head” as test come back negative. Thankfully this is changing. The pain and symptoms you feel are very real. You know you don’t feel “right”. Fibromyalgia is real and the symptoms are real. And painful. Effecting health,careers, relationships - in short- all of our being. There is help.

Fibromyalgia picture.

Symptoms often start after a physical or emotional trauma, such as surgery, injury, infection or significant psychological stress. In some cases, the symptoms build up slowly over time with no single trigger and seemingly appear out of the blue. Symptoms can include


Fibro is often marked by joint or muscle pain or even sensitive skin. This pain may seem to move from one area of the body to another. Sometimes it will go away altogether and other times it will flare, often under stressful situations, with weather changes or trauma. Pain is often described as a dull ache or a shooting pain.


Folks with fibromyalgia often note they feel tired and/or fatigued. They may sleep a full night and wake tired. They may not be able to sleep or they may find they sleep all day long - and still feel tired. Even a simple activity like showering can be exhausting.

General Malaise

Fibro fog. People often find it difficult to concentrate, experience small memory lapses.

Anxiety, depression, mood disorders.

Unlike other issues, we can’t see fibromyalgia - people look perfectly healthy and tests are often inconclusive. So many assume folks are being lazy or are unmotivated. This stigma can be devastating. Dealing with chronic pain and chronic fatigue is tiring and stressful. Many worry about keeping up with life, doing daily activities like keeping up the household, maintaining a conversation, working, socializing.

Numbness, and tingling in hands arms, feet and legs

While healthcare professionals can not yet pinpoint a cause and effect of fibromyalgia, It is thought to be related to abnormal levels of certain chemicals in the brain. These chemicals alter the way the nervous system processes pain signals in the body. Your nervous system is your bodies communication system. It gives the brain the “all clear” or the “danger” signal so the brain can then direct the correct action. This is why in my treatments, often a first line of therapy is directed at the nervous system. Once we get that “communication system” operating correctly, along with the gut and lymphatic system (our immune system) the results are remarkable.

Things that help:

Healthy Diet

Crowding out inflammatory foods such as processed foods (think refined sugar, refined carbs, deli meat, fried food, processed/man-made foods) goes a long way. These items add stress to an already overwhelmed system. Add in foods like grass fed, antibiotic free meat and fresh veggies. Aim for a rainbow of colors on your plate to help ensure a good variety of nutrients. Remember, broccoli smothered in a cheese or butter sauce or dressing is not the same as raw or lightly steamed broccoli. Try to keep your foods as close to how nature made them.

Relaxation techniques

For some it is massage, yoga, meditation, reading or knitting. For others it may be a walk in the woods. Whatever works for you is good!


For many the idea of exercise is fraught with fear. You may feel too tired or it may actually feel worse after you exercise. Work with your bodies abilities as they are today. That may mean a jog or a slow walk. It may mean some gentle stretching.n Just move.n Movement is the pump or engine for our lymphatic (immune) system - and our lymphatic system is what keeps us healthy. It doesn’t have to be hard. Just move.

Get fresh air and natural sunlight.

Step away from the damaging effects of blue light from our cell phone, iPads, computers and tv. Sit outside. Get natural sunlight.

Increase you water intake

On a cellular level you will be positively impacting the body. Water, plain water, not seltzer, tea, flavored water, but water. nHow much? Well, that depends on many factors. The easiest guide is to aim for clear urine.

Find things you enjoy and do them

Stress adds to our production of free radicals. Enjoyment subtracts.


Laughter really is good medicine. Don’t have anything to laugh about? Fake it. Go ahead-try it. Just laugh…see what happens.

What I use with great results when people come to see me with fibromyalgia is a combination of nutritional guidance, movement and ANF Therapy. ANF Therapy is one of the most effective things I have found and use daily with my clients to reduce pain and inflammation while normalizing acute and chronic conditions. nIt is a wearable frequency therapy that contains no drugs nor chemicals and provides 3 days of continuous treatment. It reduces pain and inflammation.n If you struggle with not feeling as you know you should, reach out. There is help. Help that works.

Not intended to replace medical advice. Always consult your doctor

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