• Christine Camara

Four Easy Steps To Help Fight Lung Cancer

Along with lifestyle choices, diet may play a role in lessening the risk of developing lung cancer.

Some simple steps?

  1. Add more antioxidants. Get these from organic produce, things such as apples, tomatoes and oranges are helpful in nourishing the lungs.

2. Carrots, yellow squash and leafy, dark green veggies are helpful for their protective carotenoids.

3. Drinking plenty of water helps to flush our system. People always ask how much is enough? That is a very individual question. Water intake varies with many factors, such as where you live, your activity level, etc. An easy rule of thumb is to drink enough so your urine is clear.

4. Organic, unprocessed soy foods have phytoestrogens that may prove to be protective. It is important to note that this is unprocessed soy. Tofu, soy burgers, etc, are all highly processed. Processed foods create oxidation and mutate our cells.

Keep in mind that vitamins and minerals from actual foods vs. supplements are more readily used by the body. Some have noted that supplementing vitamin A may actually increase the risk of lung cancer. A variety of colors in fruits and veggies are a great way to help keep the body healthy along with a healthy lifestyle.

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