Don’t Take Just our Word For it

Christine is an extremely talented and dedicated provider.  She is very friendly and listens attentively to your areas of concern.  I have been receiving massage therapy from Christine for 10 years. With the last few years, I have been treated 4-5 times with neurokinetics for pain and discomfort.  She is able to identify the areas causing pain and sends you home with corrections.  Within a few days I have full motion and little discomfort or no pain. 

Nancy W

ANF Therapy has been immensely helpful in getting to the root cause of several issues.  I highly recommend Christine to anyone looking to understand what is causing their chronic issues and solve underlying imbalances.


Joe M

Christine is very kind and compassionate.  I can tell she truly wants to help people feel better.  I went to her with multiple chronic issues including pain, sleep and digestive issues.  She suggested ANF therapy and I noticed improvements right away. I  would recommend ANF therapy and Christine to anyone. 

Jennifer H.